Business Processes audit (BPA) / Management audit


To work towards assisting the management in achieving their business goals, we have developed a new value added approach -BPA which has following

key components:

• Assessing the risk facing the client that could impact the financial health, evaluating the clients’ internal
controls for managing the risks and planning the nature, extent and timing of our reviews (i.e. determining control and substantive tests to be carried out).

• Conducting comprehensive tests to ensure:

  • The effective functioning of internal control systems.
  • That the policies and procedures established by the management are being adhered to.
  • Business is moving in the right direction of the common corporate goals and objectives and every business action is taken towards achieving these.
  • Evaluate / suggest business actions, by performing feasibility and profitability reviews.
  • Evaluating results.
  • Communicating test results to the client in the manner that meets their expectations.
  • Recommending corrective actions.

A Review of Business Processes would cover some of the following areas:

System for planning and monitoring of cash flow Evaluation of capital expenditure proposals
Yield V/s Consumption Raw material Raw material Sourcing
Wastage control Product costing Product costing
Vendors development Working capital
Delivery performance-products/Services Inventory level
Analyzing pricing strategies Media costs
Collection / receivable management Reliability and integrity of data
Invoicing procedure Procuring for bill Procuring for bill passing