Our Team

The employees are given formal training at the firm covering vast subjects and their practical implementation on the audit. In-house periodical training of employees helps them to keep pace with the changes in their curriculum.

Employees work is reviewed by the managers who work closely on the assignment.

Team Preparedness for assignments
Team composition – The firm has around 90 employees who are Chartered Accountants, pursuing course of Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, MBA.

Team training – Company takes initiative various subjects for training to employees which are relevant to the execution of assignments including wide areas such as recent amendments / changes in the Acts relating to direct and indirect tax, new methods / processes for execution of works, advance excel skills.

Our training also covers the complexities and guidance on handling of Valuation of companies, Mergers and Acquisitons (M&A), Colnsolidation of global operations as per law, Foreign exchange Management Act (FEMA) related topics.

We also focus on the softskills of employees.
The faculty are called from outside as well as partners are involved in the training.

Employee Quality review
The firm also has qualified Managers to review quality of assignments.
The firm has constantly reviews its checklists to ensure compliance of the processes. Internal Quality review team ensures compliance of quality is adhered to the standards set. These standards are bench marked to the best practices in the Industry which includes the Accounting and auditing guidelines and standards, Risk Assessment approaches.

Employee appraisal: The annual performance appraisals for the employees are performed by the HR team and actively participated by the partners. The appraisals are scientific and based on the formal procedures.